Ambiance Recording Studios Mixing Desk
Focusrite 430
Bule Bluberry Microphone
Buzz MA 2.2Mic Pre
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Digidesign Pro Tools System • HD Accel 4 System, Pro Control

Pro Tools Interfaces • Digidesign 192, 96i/o 2x96i, ADAT Interface

Recording Software • Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Live, Reason, Peak, Melodyne

Mic Pre Amps • Avalon, Focusrite, Buzz

Vintage Synths • PPG and WAVETERM, Fairlight Series III, Virusb, Nord Lead 2, Waldolf Microwave 2, Waldolf Q, Noah, Roland Super Jupiter and Programmer, Roland JV1080, Pro VS, Roland D550, Roland Super JX, Korg M1 Rex, Yamaha TX802, Yamaha TG500, Korg M3, Roland MKS 50, Akai S3000, Emu e4, Oberhiem Matix 6, Roland Handsonic, TD8 and TD6 Kits

We have an extensive virtual synth collection and original PPG, Fairlight, Akai and Emu sound libraries.


This is a selection of just some of the Plug In's we have available.

Access Music:
Indigo TDM
Antares: Autotune, AVOX and Mic Mod
Arturia: V Collection
Audio Ease: Altiverb. Cabinet
Blue Cat: Chorus, Flanger, FreqAnalyst, Gain, Phaser, Triple EQ
Bomb Factory: BF-2A, BF-3A, BF76, Cosmonaut Voice, Fairchild 660 670, Funk Logic Masterrizer, JOEMEEK Compressor, JOEMEEK Meequalizer, moogerfooger Lowpass, Pultec EQH-2, Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec MEQ-5, Sans Amp PSA-1, Slightly Rude Compressor, Tel-Ray Delay, Voce Chorus Vibrato, Voce Spin. BF Essential Meter Bridge, BF Essential Tuner.
Camel Audio: Alchemy
Celomony: Melodyne Studio.and Melodyne Editor
Crane Song Inc: PHOENIX.
Avid: EQll, EQ3,, BNR, Bruno, Click, Compressor/Limiter Dyn 3, D-Verb, De-Esser Dyn 3, DeEsser, Dither, Eleven, Expander-Gate, Expander/Gate Dyn 3, Extra Long Delay ll, Gate, Hybrid, Limiter, Lo-Fi, Long Delay ll,, Maxim, Medium Delay ll, Pitch, POWr Dither, PurePitch, Reason, Recti-Fi, Reso, Reverb One, Revibe,Sci-Fi, Short Delay ll, Signal Generator, Stucture, Slap Delay, Smack!,
Strike, Structure, Synchronic, TimeAdjuster, Trim, Velvet, Xpand!.
Drawmer: DrawmerECL, DrawmerGCL.
DUY: Deep Analog, Valve, Shape, Tape, Spider, MagicEQ, Magic Spectrum Pro, MAX, Z-Room, MAX,, SynthSpider,, PolySpider, Silence
East West: RA
EMI: TG 12413 1969, TG 12413 2005 and Mastering Plug in's
Eventide: Band Delays, E-Channel, EQ45, EQ65, Eventide Reverb, Factory, H910 Harmonizer, H949 Harmonizer, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, Octavox, Omnipressor, Precision Time Align, Precision Time Delay, Quadravox, Ultra-Channel.
FXpansion: Giest, DCAM Synth Squad, GURU, BFD 2
Focusrite: d2, d3, LiquidMix HD, Forte, ISA110, ISA130
IK Multimedia: AmpegSVX, AmpliTube2, CSR Hall, CSR Inverse, CSR Plate, CSR Room, Sample Tank 2.5, T-Racks.
KORG: LegacyCell, MS-20, Polysix, M1, MDE-X, WAVESTATION, Mono/Poly.
Line 6: Amp Farm, Echo Farm.
Lexicon: PCM Native
Massenburg Design Works: MDW 3B HD Parametric EQ, MDW 5B HD Parametric EQ.
Massey: L2007 Mastering Limiter, Massey CT4, Tape-Head, vt3 EQ, TD5.
Metric Halo: Channel Strip
MOTU: Ethno Instrument, Symphonic Instrument, MX4, MachFive 2.
McDSP: Analog Channel 1, Analog Channel 2, Chrome Amp, Compressor Bank CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, FilterBank, G Console, G Dynamics, G Equalizer, MC2000 MC2, MC3, MC4, ML4000, Revolver, Synth One.
Native Instruments: Komplete 8 and huge sample library of vintage synths.
Nomad Factory: Blueverb, Warmth, Analog Mastering Tools.
GForce: Oddity, ImpoOSCar 2. String Machine, M-Tron Pro
Overloud: Breverb TX2, Mark Bass, Spring Age,
Princeton Digital: PlateVerb, RoomVerb, Space Station, Stereo Room.
Roger Nichols: IXL Level Meter H, IXL Level Meter V, IXL Multimeter, IXL Spectrum Analyzer, IXL Statistics.
Solid State Logic Ltd: Listen Mic Compressor. Waves SSL E Channel, G Channel,SSLComp,,SSLEQ
Sony, Oxford: Oxford 3 Band EQ, Oxford 5 Band EQ, Oxford Compressor/Gate, Compressor /Limiter, Oxford Dynamics, Oxford EQ+Filters, Oxford Gate/Expander, Oxford Inflator, Oxford Limiter, Oxford Reverb, Oxford Transient Modulator, Sony Oxford DeBuzz, DeClick, DeNoise.
Sound Toys: Crystallizer, EchoBoy, FilterFreak1, FilterFreak2, PhaseMistress, Tremolator. PitchBlender, PitchDoctor
Spectrasonics: Stylus RMX. Omnishere
Syntholgy: Ivory.
Synaptricity: Flashback
Toontrack: Superior Drummer 2.0 EZDrummer, Drumtracker
Trillium Lane Labs: Aggro, Drum Rehab, EveryPhase, InTune, MasterMeter, Metro, TLSpace.
TC Labs: Master X3
URS: URS 1975-C, 1975-CLS, A10 Series EQ, N12 Series EQ, Strip, BLT, Channel Strip Pro. Motor City EQ, Vintage Cinema EQ, Saturation, Phat
Waldorf: Wave 3.V.
WaveMachine Labs: Drumagog 5
Waves: Mercury and SSL Bundles
Way Out West: Kikaxxe, 2600
XLN: Adictive Drums and Retro and Jazz
Yellow Tools: Independence.Pro
iZotope Inc: iDrum, Ozone 4, Vinyl.

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